We strongly believe that the future of raw materials supply can only be managed effectively with the capabilities of companies in the raw material sector. Even if there are several types of residues with untapped recovery potentially, the COST Action MINEA focuses on four types of secondary material sources:

    • residues from extractive industries,
    • landfills,
    • construction and demolition waste,
    • residues from municipal solid  waste incineration.

In this sense, we cordially invite you to promote your company at the MINEA Final Conference and to sponsor the event.

Please note that all MINEA experts are working on a voluntary basis. But we do need your financial engagement to provide lunch, coffee breaks and social events (such as gala dinner and touristic event). We have prepared 4 different sponsorship packages with a wide range of promotion opportunities for your company and a price range between EUR 500 and 3000.

If you wish to support the event as a sponsor, or if you need more information about the event, please contact Mrs Sara Focaccia (conference@minea-network.eu).

Deadline for sponsorship acceptance is set on 10 December 2019.

Our sponsors

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