Conference Program

Technical Program at a glance

20 February 2020

From to Activity Speaker Affiliation
11:00 12:30 Registration/Networking-brunch
12:30 13:30 Conference opening. Day 1
12:30 12:40Welcome words Alessandro Gargini (Head of BIGeA Department) University of Bologna (Italy)
12:40 13:00MINEA overview, Conference programUlrich KralTU Wien (Austria)
13:00 13:30Keynote lectureMaria NybergEC DG Grow
13:30 14:30 Material recovery from extractive industries residues (WG2.1)
13:30 13:35 Overview of WG activitiesTeresa CarvalhoInstituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal)
13:3513:50 National mineral waste databases as an information source for assessing material recovery potential from mining/metallurgical residuesGorazd Žibret Geological Survey of Slovenia (Slovenia)
13:50 14:05 Current knowledge, knowledge gaps and action needed for resource assessment. A systematic review of case studiesMarta Alonso ICAMCyL (Spain)
14:0514:20 Reprocessing of metallic mining waste: a review of industrial applications and current research projectsFrançoise Bodenan BRGM (France)
14:2014:30 Discussion
14:30 15:00 Break
15:00 16:00 Material recovery from landfills (WG 2.2)
15:0015:05 IntroJoakim KrookLinköping University (Sweden)
15:0515:20What do recent economic assessments tell us about the potential and challenges of landfill mining Joakim KrookLinköping University (Sweden)
15:20 15:45Systematic assessment of critical factors for the economic performance of landfill mining David LanerKassel University (Germany)
15:45 16:00 Two case studies on the evaluation and classification of landfills as resources in Brandenburg using ONTOL David LanerKassel University (Germany)
16:00 16:30 Break
16:30 18:00 Social event & Poster Session
20:00 23:00 Gala dinner at Cantina Bentivoglio, Via Mascarella, 4/b, 40126 Bologna BO

For MC members and substitutes
MC Meeting
will be held from 9h to 11h on the 20th of February at the same premises (BiGeA – Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences – University of Bologna – Via Zamboni 67, Bologna)

21 February 2020

From to Activity Speaker Affiliation
09:0009:30 Conference opening. Day 2
09:00 09:05 Opening Ulrich Kral Technische Universität Wien (Austria)
09:05 09:30 Keynote lecture Laurence Lamm EIT Raw Materials
09:30 10:30 Material recovery from C&D waste (WG 1)
09:30 09:35 Overview of WG activitiesMohamed OsmaniLoughborough University (UK)
09:35 09:55 Construction and demolition waste generation forecasting: a critical reviewGang LiuSouthern Denmark University (Denmark)
09:5510:15A diagnosis of CDW recovery practice in the European UnionMohamed OsmaniLoughborough University (UK)
CANCELED – Case study: Metal recovery from underground gridsStefan AnderbergLinköping University (Sweden)
10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 12:15 Material recovery from waste incineration residues (WG 3)
11:0011:05Introduction Florian HuberTechnische Universität Wien (Austria)
11:0511:25Technologies for material recovery from MSWI ashesMargarida QuinaUniversity of Coimbra (Portugal)
11:2511:45Legal situation for utilizing MSWI bottom-ash across EuropeDominik BlasenbauerTechnische Universität Wien (Austria)
11:4512:00Resource classification as a tool for the comparison of resource recovery options: A case study from MSWI fly ashFlorian HuberTechnische Universität Wien (Austria)
12:0012:15Developing material recovery projects: Lessons learned from processing municipal solid waste incineration residuesSandra MuellerFachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland)
12:15 13:15 Lunch
13:15 14:00 Towards sustainable management of raw materials from the anthroposphere (WG 4)
13:1513:35Assessing, classifying and reporting anthropogenic resources Soraya Heuss-AßbichlerLudwig Maximilans Universität München (Germany)
13:3513:50Roadmap on sustainable management of anthropogenic resourcesPatrick WägerEMPA (Switzerland)
13:5014:00Potential future projects:
– ITN Training Network – DIRECTIONS4EU
– COST Innovator’s Grant – Harmonizing anthropogenic resource assessment
Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler
Alessandra Hool
Ludwig Maximilans Universität München (Germany)
ESM Foundation (Switzerland)
14:00 14:20 Break
14:20 15:00 Sustainable management of anthropogenic resources (Round Table)Mark Simoni (Moderator)Geological Survey of Norway (Norway)


Topic 1: Estimating and communicating the future recovery of secondary raw materials
Topic 2: Establishing Regional Centres for Sustainable Resource Management
a) Maria Nyberg
b)Zoltán Horváth
c) Laurence Lamm
d) Andrea Winterstetter
e) Lighea Speziale
a) EC DG Grow
b) Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary, EGS Mineral Expert Group
c) EIT Raw Materials
d) VITO, ISWA Young Professionals Group
e) CEWEP – Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants
15:0015:30 Poster prizes and closing remarksUlrich KralTechnische Universität Wien (Austria)